Trump Has Highest Favorability Rating In GOP Field

March 17, 2023

They might try to tell you that you're all alone in supporting Donald Trump.

They might say that if you do, you're some sort of bigot.

Don't believe them. You're NOT alone.

It's perfectly fine to be rooting for the man who actually has the ability to get things done. The man who despite previously being president, has less ties to our governmental swamp than anyone else in the field. The man who can afford to run his own campaigns and not be controlled by donor dollars.

There are plenty of reasons to be backing Donald Trump.

That's why the most recent Morning Consult survey concluded that Donald Trump revealed that many Republicans are doing just that. Even if the liberal media doesn't want them to.

I don't agree with EVERYTHING Trump does, but then again, I don't agree with ANYTHING liberals do.

Donald Trump is gaining momentum heading into 2024. Liberals can't stop it, no matter how furious it makes them.