Trump gets standing ovation from Republican Jewish Convention as other Republican speakers take shots at him

November 20, 2022

While many prominent Republicans used their speaking slots at the Republican Jewish Convention to take shots at former President Donald Trump, about three-quarters of those in attendance gave Trump a standing ovation when he spoke via live stream for about 20 minutes.

Trump highlighted his accomplishments and seemed to have toned down the stolen election rhetoric that he had been relentlessly spouting since before the midterms while campaigning for his chosen candidates.

Still, a parade of Republican speakers mostly suggested that Trump was too damaged or too confrontational to get elected president again, and that Republicans needed to move on from his leadership.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie seemed to lead the charge against Trump, blaming GOP midterm losses on Trump and saying that the party can't succeed with one-man rule under Trump.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was more subtle and suggested that an eight-year term would be needed to fix damage caused by President Joe Biden, while Trump is only eligible to run for four.

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