Trump: Georgia Indictment A Continuation Of Witch Hunt

 August 19, 2023

Fox Business' Larry Kudlow recently got to do one of the most exciting things that a journalist can do.

He interviewed Donald Trump.

Kudlow began by asking the former president about his recent indictment in Georgia, saying:

We’re here to talk about the economy, what’s gone wrong and how you can fix it, but I do think you should have a chance to talk about this crazy Georgia indictment. I know you gave an interview with Fox Digital. It was a good interview. You said you saw darkness, but you also seem to see some optimism in the potential outcome. I thought we just see what you had to say about that.

Trump responded with what is quickly becoming his favorite phrase: WITCH HUNT. He said:

Sure. It’s a witch-hunt. It is just a continuation of a witch-hunt. They want to silence you, really silence you. And they mean silence.

"They are, I think they’re sick people. I think they are people that have no idea how the world works, and they have no idea the anger they cause. We have a tremendous group of people in this country, and I’m not just talking about Republicans. We have them on both sides, and we have a lot of them, Trump concluded. "Republicans can’t let them get away with it. The Republicans have to be tough."