Trump Furious After Durham Report Reveals Truth About FBI

 May 17, 2023

Well, the results are in, and I'll let Donald Trump's words tell you what America's liberals were up to as detailed in the findings of Special Counsel John H. Durham's report:


"Great fraud."

Trump has been known to exaggerate on a number of things in the past, but he's exactly right on this one.

This entire fiasco started out as liberals trying to discredit America's 45th president. Instead, they ended up being the ones exposed for corruption.

Among the dastardly details in the report, perhaps the most shocking is that Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and America's FBI ALL knew that Hillary Clinton's claims that Donald Trump was in bed with Russia were completely false. Not a single one of them did anything to stand up for truth.

"The Durham Report spells out in great detail the Democrat Hoax that was perpetrated upon me and the American people. This is 2020 Presidential Election Fraud, just like ‘stuffing’ the ballot boxes, only more so. This totally illegal act had a huge impact on the Election. With an honest Media, we are looking at the Crime of the Century!" Donald Trump exclaimed.