Trump fundraising off Biden comments calling him 'sick f***'

By Jen Krausz on
 February 4, 2024

In a fundraising email on Friday, former President and likely 2024 GOP nominee Donald Trump capitalized on reports from Politico that President Joe Biden repeatedly called him a "sick f***" and a "f***ing a**hole" behind closed doors with his colleagues and associates.

“He doesn’t just think that about me, he thinks that about EVERY SINGLE ONE of my proud supporters,” the fundraising email read, according to The Hill.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “calls us deplorables” and Biden “will spit on us” and call Trump supporters “every curse word in the dictionary,” the email continued.

If people support him now, “we’ll be the ones laughing on Election Day," the former president concluded.

On the eve of Jan. 6 this year, near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Biden gave a speech commemorating the Capitol unrest of 2021, which Democrats like to call an "insurrection."

During the speech as he was attacking Trump, Biden said, "What a sick--" before stopping himself, which led to the reports about his salty language behind closed doors.