Trump felony convictions not showing negative impact on campaign

 June 11, 2024

The point of all of the nonsense trials against Donald Trump was never specifically to send him to jail.

Sure, if Trump ended up behind bars, liberals in America would probably be just fine with that. However, putting Trump behind bars is just one method they are using to reach their true goal, which is simply to sap Trump of his time, money, and energy so that it's extremely difficult for him to win this November.

Democrats in America aren't out for justice, they're out for an election win.

Recent Trump news, however, indicates that they're probably not going to get it.

A whopping 40% of the country has confirmed that Trump's felony convictions will have no impact on the way they vote this November.

Sure, 33% said they're no less likely to vote for Trump, but 27% of the country is actually MORE likely to vote for Trump now.

Even if Trump has taken a tiny downturn, it's nowhere near what liberals expected.

Their only hope for Biden to win this November was if they were able to make Trump lose before Election Day even got here, but it doesn't look like they're even close to making that happen.

Score another point for justice, another point for Trump.