Trump Exposes Australian Billionaire Anthony Pratt

October 24, 2023

Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt is in Special Counsel Jack Smith's back pocket, and America knows it now.

Former President Donald Trump just told us.

Pratt is a big piece of Smith's legal arguments against Trump.

He is the man who has come forward to allege that Donald Trump discussed and bragged about classified American information while in his presence.

Trump is saying that the story is NOT true.

According to the former president, the conduct Pratt describes never happened, and the man is simply a stooge of Jack Smith.

"The failing New York Times story, leaked by Deranged Jack Smith and the Biden 'Political Opponent Abuser' DOJ, about a red haired weirdo from Australia, named Anthony Pratt, is Fake News," Trump claimed.

So, if Trump never discussed classified information with Pratt, what did they talk about?

"I never spoke to him about Submarines, but I did speak to him about creating jobs in Ohio and Pennsylvania...," Trump concluded.

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