Trump Donations On The Rise After Indictment

 April 3, 2023

In the 48 hours after he was indicted on Thursday, March 30, he raised $5,000,000.

Over 25% of that was from people who had never donated to his campaign before.

Looks like exactly what we thought would happen is happening.

America is rallying around Donald Trump.

Up until now, there was at least a little question left to whether Trump deserved the vitriol thrown at him by liberals. He had his quirks for sure, so it was hard to disprove the left time and time again.

Now, we have the evidence that Trump's been correct the entire time.

It has been a political witch hunt motivated by feelings, not facts.

Trump's campaign advisor Jason Miller said that Democrats should have seen this response coming:

This is someone who has run twice for President of the United States. There's a whole new group of Trump supporters who are angered by what they see as this political persecution.