Trump Dominates Turning Point Action's GOP Straw Poll

 July 18, 2023

In terms of marquee conservative gatherings that occurred over the weekend of July 14 - July 16, the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, had to be at the top of the list.

The fact that this event is so massive will surely be music to Donald Trump's ears, because almost 90% of the people attending the conference declared that they would like him to be the Republican nominee in the 2024 presidential election.

You would think that since the conference was happening in Ron DeSantis' home state, the Florida governor would have been the favorite.

That wasn't the case.

He wasn't even close.

In fact, DeSantis finished in third place, with only 4.3% of people saying he should be the next Republican nominee.

Businessman Perry Johnson captured 7.8% of people polled in order to land in second place.

You don't have to be a mathematician to realize that Trump's score of 87.5% absolutely blew away the rest of the field.