Trump dominates Biden in multiple critical swing state polls

 February 1, 2024

The liberal mainstream media is desperately seeking any poll or shred of data that shows President Joe Biden doing better as the November election nears.

But the truth is difficult to mask, as poll after poll shows former President Donald Trump beating Biden in many different areas, including in crucial swing states.

According to Newsweek, a recent Bloomberg/Morning Consult survey revealed devastating news for the elderly, low-polling president.

The survey indicated that Biden is behind Trump in "November's race in Arizona (47-43 percent), Georgia (49-41), Michigan (47-42), Nevada (48-40), North Carolina (49-39), Pennsylvania (48-45) and Wisconsin (49-44)."

If one will recall the last presidential election, those states especially are critical for any candidate to win. Biden can't lose them, and as it stands, that's exactly what it looks like he'll be doing.

Newsweek noted:

In total, Trump leads Biden across all states on average by 48-42 in the poll, which suggests Biden's hopes of winning the next election are looking precarious.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, the former Trump White House communications director and a CNN commentator, said the results show "eye-popping numbers" for Trump in battleground states.

Griffin admitted that the results should be a startling wake-up call for the Biden campaign.

"Eye-popping numbers for Trump in battleground states. This should be a 5 alarm fire for the Biden campaign," Griffin wrote on X.

One of the key issues driving the dismal polling numbers for Biden is the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border. Hilariously, after several years of ignoring the issue, the Biden administration is suddenly interested in fixing it.

We're sure that doesn't have anything to do whatsoever with the fact that the election is nearing.

Newsweek noted:

When the results are broken down further, nearly two-thirds (61 percent) of swing-state voters said Biden is at least somewhat responsible for the increase in migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, more than the 38 percent who said Republicans in Congress are responsible, or the 30 percent who said so about the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, Trump has also beaten Biden in several high-profile hypothetical matchup polls for the 2024 general election, yet the Biden campaign continues to downplay the nightmare-level situation it finds itself in.

Even through his legal issues, Trump continues to maintain dominance in both the primaries and many of the general election polls.