Trump documents indictment unsealed, includes 37 counts

By Jen Krausz on
 June 11, 2023

When the newest indictment against former President Donald Trump, which accuses him of mishandling classified documents, was unsealed Friday, it revealed that he was being charged with a jaw-dropping 37 counts of various criminal actions related to his possession of the documents.

Added to April's 34-count indictment of falsifying business records, he now faces a total of 71 criminal charges, even if they seem bogus and overblown.

The new federal charges include making false statements, conspiracy to obstruct and destruction and falsification of records.

Not only did Trump allegedly have the documents in a ballroom, bathroom, office, and bedroom, but he also allegedly showed a few of them to people while referring to them as classified.

That could be a problem for him, since he claimed that he declassified all of them before leaving office.

Former Attorney General William Barr reportedly said that if even half of the new charges are true, the indictment was "very damning" for Trump. But that's the thing -- are any of them true, and can the prosecution prove it?