Trump: DeSantis Making Russia Peace Negotiations 'Impossible'

 March 30, 2023

Former President Trump has NOT been kind toward Ron DeSantis lately.

It doesn't even really seem to be about anything that Ron DeSantis has done wrong, Trump just wants to make sure that his spot as America's leading Republican is kept intact.

His new description of Ron DeSantis? "ignorant and foolish."

Trump was upset over an interview last week in which DeSantis referred to Russia as "basically a gas station with a bunch of nuclear weapons."

The former president called DeSantis' worldviews "too simple minded to make peace." He added:

Those such as Mitt Romney and Ron DeSantis, very much alike, who insist on arrogantly treating Russia as deeply inferior to the other nations of the world with no history, or culture, or pride, are not only ignorant and foolish but their attitude makes it impossible to negotiate peace, absolutely impossible.

Under my administration we were tough on Russia, but we also demonstrated respect for Russia and the Russian people. We demonstrated understanding for Russian history and the fact Russia lost over 20 million lives in World War II; they were fighting with us.