Trump Demands Primary Challengers To McConnell And Friends

 January 10, 2023

After a few close votes, Donald Trump was unsure if he still wanted to support Rep Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for House speaker. Two days of not winning were nearly enough for Donald, who had to have a phone call with McCarthy to be convinced to endorse him again. Who knows what Kevin promised Donald while on the phone.

It must have been good, because Donald is more of a Kevin McCarthy fan than ever before.

And he's NOT a fan of other Republicans right now. Particularly Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

Trump aimed his fury at the 18 Republican senators who recently voted with Democrats to pass a massive spending bill. He said:

The $1.7 TRILLION quickly approved Bill of the week before was HORRIBLE. Zero for USA Border Security. If he waited just ten days, the now ‘United Republican Congress’ could have made it MUCH BETTER, or KILLED IT. We must now stop Mitch McConnell and his China flagrant boss, Coco Chow. It’s as though he just doesn’t care anymore, he pushes through anything the Democrats want.