Trump claims 2024 is 'final battle' against Washington foes

September 22, 2023

Former President Donald Trump has dubbed 2024 the "final battle" against his enemies in Washington, D.C. and said that the U.S. would be "finished" if he didn't get elected to a second term as president.

Trump declared 2024 to be "our final battle, adding, "[w]ith you at my side, we will demolish the deep state. We will expel the warmongers from our government. They want to go to war with everybody. We will drive out the globalists, we will cast out the communist Marxists and fascists, and we will throw off the sick political class that truly hates our country. We will route the fake news media. We will defeat crooked Joe Biden, and we will end illegal immigration once and for all, just as we had it three years ago."

Trump said he sees great promise for the country if his policies are followed instead of President Joe Biden's.

"The great silent majority is rising like never before," he continued. "And under our leadership, the forgotten man and woman will be forgotten no longer with your help, your love, and your vote. We will put America first, and we will make America great again, greater than ever before."

If he doesn't get re-elected, or if a Democrat gets elected, things could be very bad indeed, Trump said.

"I hope we have a victory because if we don't have a victory, I really think this country is ... finished. It's finished. I really think it's finished. ... That's how bad it is," Trump opined.