Trump case might 'collapse' before trial, Jonathan Turley says

April 7, 2023

Legal expert and Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley said during an appearance on the network on Tuesday that he thinks the case against former President Donald Trump "could collapse" before it even goes to trial because of the multiple legal problems with it.

“[T]here are substantial threshold legal questions here,” he said. “And this case could collapse before it gets to a trial. And this is not the only judge that will have to look at this. And I think that has to weigh heavily on him. Because there’s no there there.”

Bragg chose to charge Trump on a case that at least three other courts and prosecutors decided not to pursue.

He is years past the statute of limitations for falsifying business records charges and had to bootstrap those charges to another crime that he did not even specify.

Most legal experts who have talked to the press think the case is weak and could be dismissed at the first hearing in December or sooner if Trump can get back before the court.

Bragg had to be trying to distract people from Biden's alleged crimes or trying to get Trump the nomination because Democrats think he's beatable. There's no other explanation other than irrational hatred -- which is also quite plausible.