Trump campaign in better financial shape than reported, maybe even than Biden

By Jen Krausz on
 August 11, 2023

Reports of financial woes in the Trump campaign and in two super PACS supporting him have been vastly overestimated, according to reporting by Breitbart News, based on federal filings and statements from campaign officials for the former president.

The Trump campaign has $26 million on hand out of the $39 million it had raised for the GOP primary battle, which Trump leads by a wide margin. The 37% burn rate is lower than that of other candidates and leaves him in a healthy position.

The Save America PAC that Trump created was reportedly in trouble, but that was mainly because it loaned a large amount of money to the MAGA Inc. PAC at its inception. MAGA Inc. has now paid part of that money back to Save America, with more to follow, and both are doing fine.

Save America is paying Trump's hefty legal bills with its donations and some from the campaign, which has a 90-10 split with Save America. The PAC apparently helps others caught up in legal difficulties because of their association with Trump as well, but a new PAC called the Patriot Legal Defense Fund will soon take over most of that aid.

Trump also has a database of 21 million potential donors, including 4 million who have previously donated to his campaigns.

It's clear the money is on his side, but can he stay out of jail long enough to be elected and perform his duties?