Trump Called It: NYC Contemplating Banning George Washington Statues

September 21, 2023

When liberals were running around during 2020 ripping down any memorials or statues honoring persons that had ever said or done single thing they disagreed with, Donald Trump made a prediction:

These people are NEVER going to stop.

Allow them to ban Robert E. Lee, and pretty soon they're going to be banning Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Here we are.

As he has been on so many things, Trump was EXACTLY right.

Officials in New York City are considering a measure that would remove certain works of art depicting ANYONE who benefitted from slavery.

Washington, who is memorialized in Union Square Park, is rumored to be among their targets.

I owe an apology to Trump. I thought that SURELY nobody would be so stupid as to be able to disregard the contributions that someone like Washington made in turning this country into the greatest in the world.

Just as in the case of the political witch hunt many of us thought never existed, we have proof now.

Donald was right.

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