Trump big tech expert says Supreme Court Section 230 case could lead to more censorship

By Jen Krausz on
 February 7, 2023

Head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration under former President Donald Trump, Prof. Adam Candeub, said in an article for the Federalist Society that a Section 230 case before the Supreme Court could strengthen the case for Big Tech censorship.

Gonzalez v. Google is the first Section 230 case to be heard by the high court. If the court does not affirm the liability shield for Big Tech, it will open companies up to liability if they don't censor potentially harmful content.

If the liability shield is affirmed, it will prevent more people from suing Big Tech over censorship and other concerns.

The lawyers for Gonzalez have been inconsistent in their positions, arguing both to limit and to expand Section 230 in different briefs.

Censorship of Big Tech should be unnecessary under Section 230, which limits liability of platforms because they are not publishers who are responsible for the content they allow posted.

But Big Tech companies have taken it upon themselves to censor content anyway, but they now define hate speech as anything that goes against their political agenda.