Trump Beating DeSantis In Favorability

Former President Donald Trump wasn't doing too well in America around the time of midterm elections.

His endorsements didn't perform as strongly as he had wanted, and his blasting of his own wife didn't sit that well with the American public.

Ron DeSantis, on the other hand, was probably at the height of his popularity at the time. He had just SMASHED the competition to win another term in his post as governor of Florida in what was concerned a purple or even slightly blue state just a short time ago.

Things didn't stay that way, however. Trump is back on top of the Republican party when it comes to favorability with voters.

Currently, 79% of Republican voters view Trump favorably, compared to only 20% who have an unfavorable view. Not too shabby for somebody who's just been indicted on multiple felony charges.

DeSantis isn't completely gone yet, however. He's holding at least relatively close to Trump with 73% favorability among Republicans.