Trump-backed Republican Utah Senate candidate says he is 'America First'

October 16, 2023

Utah Republican Senate candidate Trent Staggs told Breitbart News Saturday that electing him would replace Mitt Romney with someone who ascribes to the America First philosophy.

Staggs, who is backed by former President Donald Trump, is running for Romney's seat after the sitting senator said he wouldn't run for re-election.

“Mitt Romney was a vote that essentially canceled Mike Lee’s on major important issues,” Staggs said, adding that he would work to strengthen Lee's voice in Washington.

Some of Staggs' conservative positions include standing up to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing, eliminating “inappropriate” materials from schools, and supporting life.

Staggs is currently the mayor of Riverton.

Almost anyone has to be better than Romney, who has epitomized the term RINO since he was elected to the Senate and is also a failed presidential candidate.

Staggs' website says he is also endorsed by Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk and Fox News Host Mark Levin.

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