Trump attorney booted from New York attorney general's case against Trump

 July 10, 2023

One of former President Donald Trump’s lawyer's, Alina Habba, was removed from Trump's defense team against a fraud case against him in New York.

It seems that Habba wasn't optimal for Trump's legal team and has been moved to a new position on the Save America Leadership PAC serving as a legal spokesperson and general counsel.

The reason for Habba's movement was left unexplained by Trump's team aside from a statement about how she had worked “diligently” and “tirelessly” to defend Trump.

It is speculated that Habba's recent appearance on Fox News Tonight where she struggled in explaining the case against Trump may have been a factor for her getting booted and moved to a less public position.

Steven Cheung, communications director for the Trump 2024 campaign, issued a statement saying, "While the Habba Madaio Law firm will continue to assist the President in certain legal matters, Ms. Habba will withdraw from the New York Attorney General’s case against the Trump Organization and President Trump and other cases, in order to devote her time to Save America and her duties as his media representative on legal matters."

Habba issued her own statement saying, "It is an honour to be asked by such a leader as President Trump to help Save America. Being able to devote more time to addressing publicly his many legal matters is the privilege of a lifetime."