Trump associates charged with similar crimes to Hunter Biden's alleged offenses, which DOJ ignored

By Jen Krausz on
 July 8, 2023

A number of former President Donald Trump's business associates were charged with crimes similar to what whistleblowers allege Hunter Biden did -- but for which he was not charged -- in further evidence that a double standard exists.

Hunter Biden allegedly claimed prostitutes as his employees or as a business expense that he wrote off but was never pursued or charged for that crime by the DOJ.

He also created numerous shell companies and funneled money into them, which he then paid to himself but didn't pay taxes on the money.

When Paul Manafort and Rick Gates did similar things, they were charged, convicted, and sent to jail. Trump later pardoned Manafort, because he felt he was treated unfairly.

Those men were also charged with failing to register as a foreign agent, but Hunter never was, even though he had a range of dealings with numerous foreign companies.

And of course, the biggest double standard of all is that Trump was charged over his alleged payment to a porn star, but will Hunter Biden ever see charges that he paid strippers and prostitutes illegally? Apparently not.