Trump-appointed judge in Alaska stepping down from bench

 July 9, 2024

Former U.S. District Court Judge Joshua Kindred was appointed by Donald Trump just a few years ago, but he's already resigning.

Now we know why.

Kindred's resignation came after he was told to step down following a discovery that he had "an inappropriately sexualized relationship" with a law clerk and repeatedly lied about it to investigators.

When he initially resigned on July 3, neither he nor anyone close to him offered an explanation.

The reason why is that the situation is just so inappropriate and embarrassing.

A 29-page-order was recently made public that discussed the findings of the investigation:

"Judge Kindred’s misconduct was pervasive and abusive, constituted sexual harassment, and fostered a hostile work environment that took a personal and professional toll on multiple clerks," it said.

"Judge Kindred’s conduct was not civil, dignified, or respectful — attributes that we expect from a federal judge — and his interactions with his law clerks were abusive, oppressive, and inappropriate," the report continued.

Early speculation was that this man might be stepping down to take a role in Trump's upcoming administration. It turns out Trump probably doesn't want anything to do with this guy now either.

Only time will tell, for now we can only wait and see.