Trump And Biden Fighting For Control Of Midwest

 July 29, 2023

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are fighting for the allegiance of America's Midwest heading into 2024, but the former president thinks he knows one of the things that could tip the scales in his favor:

The endorsement of the United Auto Workers.

"I think you'd better endorse Trump because I'm going to grow your business, and they are destroying your business," he said in a recent video to Midwestern union voters.

There is really no debating that America in general was better off under Trump, and I would imagine that there was no exception from that rule with regard to members of the United Auto Workers.

Trump accused President Joe Biden of "waging war on" America's automobile industry, which is why he believes the union should side with him.

This actually could be a major win for Trump if he does get the endorsement. It's pretty far in advance of the election at this point, and projections are not yet clear which way the vote is going to go in many states across the Midwest.