Trump Ally Warns Brittney Griner Swap Could Create More Celebrity Hostages

December 13, 2022

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dropped some truth about the controversial prisoner swap in which WNBA star Brittney Griner was returned home from Russian prison in an exchange for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.

Pompeo said the exchange will make it "more likely" for celebrities and other notables to be taken hostage overseas.

Pompeo said that the Trump administration where he served was careful not to create incentives for U.S. adversaries when negotiating prisoner exchanges.

"The Trump administration was always very clear," Pompeo said. "We weren’t going to trade bad guys for celebrities because it creates the wrong incentives for the bad guys as we go forward. It's not good for American national security. It's not good for people who are traveling across the world."

"Pompeo said the Biden administration’s deal with Russia sends the wrong message to America’s enemies, and that people 'of notoriety" traveling abroad are less safe today because of it," Fox News reports. Pompeo continued:

My mission was always to get every American back but at the same time not create the risk that more Americans would be taken in," Pompeo said. "There is no doubt that today not just Vladimir Putin, but all the bad guys, the Iranians, those who hold Americans in detention, see that if you take a celebrity, the chance of getting one of your bad guys back out of American control is greater.

I think for people out there of notoriety, it is more likely they will be taken hostage today, and that is not a good policy.

Source: Fox News