Trump Aiming To Flip 'Extremism' Label On Democrats In 2024

 December 30, 2023

Donald Trump was given the "extreme" label in 2020, especially after trying to change American history by telling his vice president not to certify the results of that year's presidential election.

Now, heading into 2024, he plans to use that label against Democrats.

If Trump was considered extreme back in 2020, the appropriate use of that descriptor may have now flipped, as the extreme lengths to which Democrats have gone to try to keep our former president off of the 2024 ballot should worry anyone who has an affinity for freedom.

The attacks and indictments against Trump are not based on legal facts or a quest for justice, but rather on the pure hatred that liberals feel toward the former president and his voters.

They want absolute control of America, and they know they're going to have a tough time achieving it as long as Trump is standing up for the American people.

As a result, they've become the very type of "extreme" they have historically accused Trump of being.