Trump ahead of Biden by one point in new poll

By Jen Krausz on
 March 8, 2023

Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden by one point in a hypothetical matchup in this week's Morning Consult poll.

Trump got 43% support in the poll, while Biden got 42%. This is with the poll claiming a +/-1% margin of error, so much is up in the air with the contest more than a year and a half before the general election.

Biden has not even officially declared his candidacy and seems to be dragging his feet quite a bit more than expected.

In addition to leading Biden, Trump also leads his primary opponents--official and unofficial--with the closest being Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at 28 points to Trump's 53%.

No other GOP primary candidates even reached double digits, with former Vice President Mike Pence at 7%, Nikki Haley at 4%, and a number of other candidates at 1%. Trump-hater Liz Cheney had a dismal 2% showing in the poll.

It's a strong showing for Trump, who is coming off a successful CPAC appearance and seems to have gained some momentum against DeSantis for the time being.