Trump ahead by 18 in Utah poll despite Romney's antipathy

By Jen Krausz on
 April 8, 2023

Utah Senator Mitt Romney's antipathy for former President Donald Trump has not dampened the support of voters in his state for the party's de facto leader.

Trump is 18 points ahead of his nearest rival in the latest poll with 41% support. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had 23% support in the poll.

Former Vice President Mike Pence got 10% in the poll, and no other candidate had over 5%.

“DeSantis’s campaign has not yet gotten off the ground, and despite Trump’s legal and political woes, Trump’s base of support remains fiercely loyal,” OHPI Chief of Research Mike Noble stated.

“The Trump team is taking advantage of this, launching a series of coordinated messaging campaigns to dissuade potential DeSantis supporters, attempting to end his campaign before it starts,” he observed.

The poll was taken in late March, before Trump was indicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records in the state of New York earlier this week, which seems to have bolstered his position as a presidential candidate rather than hurt it so far.