Trump 30 Points Ahead In New Hampshire

October 6, 2023

Donald is doing really well in some places.

New Hampshire is one of them.

He's leading by enough that any Trump activity in the state is practically a victory celebration.

In that state, he's 30 points ahead of his closest rival. The big shocker is that second place isn't even Gov. Ron DeSantis anymore. It's Nikki Haley.

But while Trump is cruising in some respects right now, certain other parts of his life are on more shaky ground.

Trump's battle with special counsel Jack Smith is one of those areas that seem a little more uncertain.

Smith seems determined to get Trump one way or another, even going so far as to probe into a discussion that the former president had with a foreign national about submarines.

If Trump wants to keep his victory celebrations going in regard to the election, that's fine with me. He's earned that right.

But when it comes to his battle with Jack Smith?

Trump has slammed Smith verbally, but will he be able to do it in court?

Only time will tell.