Trump: 2024 Movement 'Even Stronger' Than 2016

 April 26, 2023

You don't have to believe it if you don't want to, but it's a fact that Donald Trump DOES believe it:

Trump has more momentum and positive energy heading into 2024 than he did heading into 2016.

That's straight from the mouth of Trump himself, who said:

I think, in terms of movement—you can use that word if you want—but I think it’s even stronger than it was in 2016. People saw what we can do.

Poetically, Trump made the remarks in Indiana, the very state in which he locked up the 2016 nomination. That was the final primary in which opponents Ted Cruz and John Kasich participated.

After those two dropped out, it became clear that Trump had a VERY good shot to do something special.

"I love Indiana," Trump said. He clearly hasn't forgot that primary race in 2016 either.

"I think it’s bigger now than it was then," Trump said, referring to his momentum toward the presidency. "Now we’ve been tested. We had four great years, and we did things nobody thought could be done, including cutting taxes at the highest level, cutting regulations at a level that gave us the most jobs we ever had. Indiana was a big beneficiary. Indiana was a state that was taken advantage of by foreign countries taking jobs away. Indiana became a boomtown. In fact, I just endorsed, as you know, a great gentleman, Jim Banks. There’s nobody even running against him now—they all dropped out after the endorsement—but I think he’ll be a great senator. Hopefully, nobody will run against him, but if they did, I don’t think it even matters. He’s going to do a great job, and he’s very popular. We have to change it."