Train Derails Hauling Ethanol Prompting Evacuations

 April 1, 2023

Well, hopefully the disaster in East Palestine, Ohio taught Joe Biden and company what NOT to do, and this incident will be handled better.

Don't count on it, though.

A train carrying ethanol and corn syrup burst into flames after derailing in Minnesota on March 30, forcing nearby residents to evacuate their homes.

BNSF Railway said approximately 22 cars derailed.

Interesting that they didn't have one person confident enough in their ability to count to 22 to say that was the definite number. "Approximately" seems like something you would say when things are hard to count. Was the counter not able to tell how many cars derailed, or was he not able to count to fewer than two dozen?

If he's a liberal, either is possible.

Video of the wreckage was posted on Twitter shortly after the accident:

Fire officials decided to let all of the ethanol burn out before starting the process of extinguishing the blazes.