Train collides with passenger bus on tracks, bus driver fled from the scene: Report

 April 2, 2024

Tragedy struck the families of dozens in Cambodia this week after a tragic collision involving a bus and a train injured multiple passengers.

According to the New York Post, at least 45 people were injured, five of them critically, after a bus full of passengers was struck on its side while crossing train tracks in northwestern Cambodia last Friday.

The driver of the bus, who fled after the horrific accident, was called "irresponsible" by authorities.

The Post noted:

Gen. Sar Theng, the police chief for Pursat province, said the crash in Krakor district occurred around 11 a.m. when the bus attempted to cross the tracks even though the oncoming train had loudly sounded its horn as it approached.

The driver of the bus reportedly fled before offering any kind of aid or help to the horde of injured passengers. Police, villagers, and other first responders flocked to the scene and rendered aid.

Various angles of the crash in videos went viral across social media, with many noting that the collision was entirely avoidable, especially given that the train was laying on its horn prior to the collision.

Gen. Theng noted that a barrier at that particular crossing was out of order, but noted that a large, visible sign posted on the road before the tracks warns drivers to proceed slowly and look for oncoming trains.

"The incident would not have happened if the driver was driving responsibly,” he said, noting that when the train is approaching populated areas and road junctions, its engineer will sound his horn to alert people to stay away from the tracks," Theng said.

The tragic incident is, unfortunately, not new to Cambodia, according to the NY Post.

According to reports from Cambodia’s national police and Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, nearly 1,600 people died in road accidents last year.

Social media users reacted to the video footage of the carnage caused by the collision.

"Train collision in Pursat with a bus full of people. No one watching the crossing and bus driver fails to stop and look. What a tragic avoidable mess," one X user wrote

Another X user wrote, "The train was sounding its horn pretty loudly... The driver didn't slow down at all to either hear it or check... He's culpable..."

The incident is currently under investigation, according to local authorities.