Top Putin Official Plunges 160 Feet To Her Death

 February 18, 2023

They're calling it "suicide."

A high-ranking Russian defense official in the war against Ukraine was found dead at just 58-years-old, first reported on Feb. 16.

Marina Yankina was discovered outside the entrance to a high-rise in St. Petersburg, Russia, where it is believed that she fell from a window 160 feet above the ground.

Yankina's personal belongings were found on a balcony in the building, and a preliminary investigation ruled the death a suicide.

A Russian sourced called Mash reported that "a few minutes before allegedly taking her own life, Yankina called her ex-husband and told him what she was about to do."

Apparently, she also demanded her former husband send police to the building.

Officials are blaming her "suicide" on the fact that Yankina was "struggling with health problems," but the public knows that the fact that "Yankina was a key figure in the funding of Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine." She was head of the financial support department of the Ministry of Defense for the Western Military district.

Regardless of if you're talking about internal stress within Russia or outside influences, it is very possible that she made more than one enemy in this position.