Top Official Refuses To Testify At Biden Hearings

 March 10, 2023

Treasury Department official Jonathan Davidson, who was set to testify in the Biden family hearings, has changed his mind suddenly and will not be cooperating.

Davidson was set to testify this week about the agency withholding the Biden family's "suspicious" bank records.

The officia's absence means House Committee Chair James Comer will likely threaten the use of a subpoena to compel the 150 suspicious activity reports generated by U.S. banks.

Davidson's testimony was expected to be about the Biden family SARs, which "often contain evidence of potential criminal activities, such as money laundering and fraud," a 2020 Senate report stated.

"Comer’s Tuesday evening press release stated Davidson has 'declined to attend the hearing' after the Treasury has refused to 'give a timeline of when such documents will be provided to the Committee despite our repeated accommodations,'" reported Breitbart.

"Davidson’s refusal to answer questions about withholding Biden family bank records comes after questions were raised about whether his testimony would be tainted with political bias," according to Breitbart.

"He previously worked for Biden on the 2020 transition team and was nominated to the Treasury position by his former boss. Moreover, he worked on Capitol Hill for more than 20 years in Democrat politics," reports Breitbart. "Davison is also married to Erin Sheehy, who is a partner at Education Forward DC, an organization that seeks to advance 'equity in DC public schools.'"