Asa Hutchinson Says Trump Verdict Is A BIG Deal

Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has issued a warning to those who support former President Donald Trump.

Hutchinson said that Republicans need to take a Manhattan jury finding former President Donald Trump liable for sexual abuse "very seriously."

Hutchinson continued, "I practiced law for 25 years. Anytime a jury comes back with a verdict I respect the verdict of the jury. Jury verdicts reflect the community, they reflect America, and they also have the credibility of witnesses and the truth of the allegations, and they found unanimously that the allegations of sexual assault are true."

"So, I believe that we all, as a society, and Republicans, all to take that jury verdict very seriously," Hutchinson said. "To do otherwise undermines our system of justice, which is second none in the world. Also it is simply a reflection of continued indefensible conduct by former president Donald Trump. That is what it means to me."

"We have seen too much from leaders that undermine both our criminal justice system, but also our civil justice system," Hutchinson continued.

"Here is an example of where the jury system worked. You had defense lawyers there, you had the cross-examination witnesses, and the jury determines truth. We ought to have some respect for that," he concluded.