Top Democrat Gets BEAT DOWN - Voters Stunned...

July 21, 2022

At this point, if the liberals are still trying to deny the existence of a red wave, their simply digging their own grave.

Their is simply no reason to believe that they will control Congress moving forward, and if Nancy Pelosi tries to tell you that they will even she doesn't believe it at this point.

They are so desperate that one of the races they were hoping to be a toss-up was just assessed as a potential blowout.

A midterm election forecast predicts former Governor Eric Greitens will win Missouri's U.S. Senate race with 96.1% certainty.

It doesn't even matter who the Democrat is going to be, they have under a four percent chance of winning.

Earlier this month, Trump blasted one of Greitens opponents, Vicky Hartzler. Hartzler was at one point viewed as the Republican favorite in Missouri.

After Trump's announcement, those days are long gone.

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