Top Dem LOSES IT While Cameras Are Rolling

A debate on a bill to ban sex change procedures for minors in Nebraska has sparked controversy.

Last week, a Nebraska legislature session escalated, and chaos ensued after one Democratic lawmaker shouted out her support for transgender people.

The bill bans sex change procedures for minors as well as abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The bill was approved by lawmakers and sent to Republican Governor Jim Pillen's desk to become law.

State Democrat Senator Machaela Cavanaugh shouted, "Transgender people belong here, we need trans people, we love trans people."

"You matter. You matter and I am fighting for you. I will not stop," shouted Cavanaugh. "I will not stop today, I will not stop tomorrow. You are loved. You matter. You belong here."

"Cavanaugh also railed against conservatives who voted for the hybrid bill — which includes protections for unborn children — and warned that people, medical professionals and businesses will leave the state over it," reported Fox.

"Your children are posting things on social media, your children are calling you, colleagues. You have to live with your vote.… You have to live with the role that you play in history in the making today. You have to live with the fact that you vote to take away people's rights. You have to live with that. The rest of us have to live with the implications of that, but you have to live with that," Cavanaugh hammered.

"If you didn't sleep after Tuesday night, reflect on that. You don't have to vote for this," she added.

Cavanaugh called the measure "weak" and said those who voted in support of it had "allowed" themselves to be "bought by the governor."

You can watch Cavanaugh's flip-out here.