Top 3 voter issues show Biden underwater, poll says

October 25, 2023

A new Harvard/Harris poll revealed that President Joe Biden is underwater on the top 3 issues about which voters say they are concerned: inflation, immigration, and jobs.

A substantial 32% of voters surveyed said inflation was their top issue out of 29, while 27% said immigration and 24% said jobs/the economy.

On inflation, Biden received his highest approval rating in a year at 40% but was still underwater. 39% said they approved of him on immigration, and 49% on stimulating jobs.

The numbers are showing modest improvement over previous lows, but still show a strong dislike for his policies.

If Biden can show some improvement in these issues, even if it's not exactly real, he may be able to regain the advantage on former President Donald Trump or whoever ends up being the GOP nominee in 2024.

It would be a bad thing for the free world if Biden even makes it another five-plus years.

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