Pinkterton: Biden owes answers about Chinese spy balloon

 February 6, 2023

"What did the president know, and when did he know it?"

That's how James P. Pinkerton started his epic questioning of President Joe Biden.

"That was the question asked of Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal of the 1970s. The presumption, of course, was that the 37th president knew more about the scandalous activities than he was letting on. And, of course, Nixon was ultimately forced out of office because of Watergate," wrote Pinkerton of Breitbart.

"Today, I’d like to ask the same question of Joe Biden about the China Spy Balloon-gate scandal," Pinkerton wrote.

"Of course, the matter of the Chinese spy balloon is lot more serious than the Watergate break-in because it potentially affects the safety and well-being of 335 million Americans," Pinkerton added.

Pinkerton continues with a list of ten questions that call-out President Biden for the China spy balloon scandal. You can read all ten of his questions here.

"Oh, and one last thing, sir," Pinkerton wrote:

You were in the U.S. Senate during the Watergate scandal, so you no doubt remember the famous question, 'What did the president know, and when did he know it?'

In that same spirit, I’d like to ask you about all the classified documents that keep popping up in the Penn Biden Center, your home, and elsewhere. And sir, with all due respect, if you don’t mind, I’d like to have your answers under oath.

Source: Breitbart