Tim Scott wouldn't accept reparations if offered, even though he'd qualify for them

By Jen Krausz on
 May 24, 2023

Presidential hopeful and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) has said for years that he wouldn't take reparations even if he were offered and despite the fact that he is a descendant of African slaves.

The Hill reported in 2019, "Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), the only African American Republican in the Senate, says reparations for slavery are a 'non-starter."

“There’s no question that slavery is a scourge on the history of America. The question is: Is reparations a realistic path forward? The answer is no,” Scott said at the time.

Scott thinks Opportunity Zones, a Trump-championed policy that encourages investment in disadvantaged communities, and criminal justice reform (but not defunding police) are good alternatives that will help African American communities.

Some blue states have passed reparations legislation in the last few years but have not yet paid out anything.

The senator said he has faced racist attacks because of being a Black Republican, but that “the truth of my life disproves their lies."