Tim Scott says 'we can't' ban TikTok due to courts, but need to keep CCP from getting our data

By Jen Krausz on
 August 24, 2023

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), who is running for president in 2024, said on Tuesday that the country "can't" ban TikTok because of court decisions that stopped former President Donald Trump from doing so, but that we need to keep the Chinese Communist Party from getting our kids' data.

“Well, listen, the former president tried to ban TikTok. I have no problem whatsoever with banning TikTok. What we learned with the former president is that the court struck it down, not once, but twice," he told Fox News.

"Since we can’t ban TikTok, the question is, how do we eliminate the [Chinese Communist Party] from spying on our kids?" he continued. "We have to separate or segregate the [Chinese Communist Party] from our kids’ data. We have to stop them from spying on our kids, buying our farmlands, and trying to steal our intellectual property. I’ll be the president that gets that done."

Scott also found fault with President Joe Biden, decrying his "weakness" in dealing with China and its president, Xi Jinping.

"It’s not the strength of President Xi that should be our concern, it’s the weakness of President Biden that is so concerning. A strong American president will separate our kids’ information from the [Chinese Communist Party],” he declared.

Scott didn't give specifics about how he would accomplish that separation, however.