Tim Scott Says Biden 'Has Blood On His Hands'

 October 12, 2023

The numbers relating to the destruction in Israel at the hands of Hamas terrorists are reaching almost unbelievable levels.

Over 1,000 Israeli dead.

Over 3,000 wounded.

Over 100 kidnapped.

Sen. Tim Scott, a Republican from South Carolina, thinks he knows who is responsible for this mess:


"Just a few weeks ago, President Biden sent the same signal again. He rewarded Iran for taking American hostages by unlocking $6 billion for the Muhllas," Scott said. "The administration says the money can only be used for humanitarian needs, but how naive can you be?" He went on:

Biden has blood on his hands.

"His weakness invited the attack; his cash giveaways to Iran helped fund terrorism, and after the attack, his administration suggested that Israel just stand down,” he stated. “It’s a disgrace. We need a president who is loyal to our allies yet lethal to our adversaries because weakness has never purchased peace. Being passive is a provocation," Scott concluded.