TikTok Secretly Tracked Journalist: Report

Financial Times technology correspondent Cristina Criddle thought she was just joining a fad and posting adorable content when she created a TikTok account for her beloved pet cat.

Little did she know that that single decision would lead to a Chinese nightmare of epic proportions.

Everything changed in December of 2022, when TikTok called Criddle to admit that at least four of its employees had viewed her user data.

Apparently, Chinese employees of TikTok were "attempting to determine who was meeting with the journalist by comparing her location to employee locations — even though the account didn’t have her name on it."

"It was just really chilling and horrible and, personally, quite violating," Criddle explained. "I was at my family home with my teenage sister, teenage cousins — and they all use TikTok all of the time. They were like, ‘Whoa, should we be worried?'" She added:

If my location was being monitored 24/7, that’s not just limited to my actions at work — which wouldn’t be OK even if it was — but this was in my personal life as well. It was when I was out with my friends, when I was going on holiday, all of that stuff’s in there.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Besides liberals in our own country, China is the most dangerous threat to America in the 21st century.