Tik Tok Cancellation Notice Shocks World - Do You Agree With This?

July 21, 2022

TikTok is currently one of the most popular mobile apps in the entire world.

It has millions and millions and millions of Americans glued to their phones for a few seconds at a time, condensing the world's best content into bite-sized pieces.

So why do almost 60% of Americans want the app removed?

Because the app, and your data associated with it, is controlled by China.

In fact, it was recently discovered that TikTok might be doing such foul things with your data that the Trafalgar Group conducted a poll regarding the app.

It asked: "Do you support efforts to remove Tik Tok from app stores now that the company has revealed that American’s user data can be accessed by Tik Tok employees in China?"

An incredible 58.6% of Americans want TikTok out of their country. Almost a quarter of respondents were unsure, while just 17.8% want the app to remain available in America.

After learning how closely the Chinese government is associated with this app, I don't think it should be available ANYWHERE, much less in America.

If almost 60% of Americans are to be believed, whomever makes the TikTok app but removes the international espionage component is about to find themselves a very receptive market.

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