Mace: There's Evidence Against James And Hunter Biden 'Everywhere'

 September 30, 2023

Rep. Nancy Mace, a Republican from South Carolina, recently appeared on Fox News Channel to dish out a few helpings of the truth.

She said that, despite what Democrats are trying to claim, that day one of the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden was an absolute success, and definitely produced enough evidence to move forward. Mace declared:

We’re going to subpoena Hunter and Joe Biden, and I hope the American people are not getting their news and information from the actress who is named AOC, and the left today who just denied, denied, denied, and lied throughout the entire hearing, because they were unwilling to face the facts, the facts of evidence and text messages and emails, and meetings and phone calls of Joe Biden doing business with his son, Hunter and his brother, James. It’s everywhere.

"This was just a first hearing to show the baseline of what was legal and illegal behavior, and our witnesses are experienced and investigation and tax law and constitutional law and can explain to the American people what is normal operating LLC and corporate behavior and what is illegal behavior, and they did a good job of showcasing that today," Mace said.

Do you agree with Rep. Mace?