There Needs To Be Accountability From Bailed-Out Companies

 January 2, 2023

The federal government gives out money left and right. It just doesn't give it to the people who need or deserve it.

Everyone is getting a handout these days. Illegal immigrants. People who took out stupid student loans. People who are too lazy to work. People who don't save their money. Big companies that don't need the money. Pretty much everyone except the American who goes to work every day and still can't afford to live in the economy Biden destroyed.

But it's time to stop the cycle. Companies like Southwest Airlines don't need massive bailouts from the government on a regular basis.

Southwest Airlines executives aren't taking pay cuts, they're still demanding outrageous salaries. These fat cats at the top are set and use that fact to bully the federal government for money. If Southwest collapses, think about how many Americans would lose their jobs.

It's this thought that makes the federal government give companies like that money. And if the government doesn't bail out the company, the executives don't mind that either, they'll just take their enormous retirements and sail away. Again, it's only the boots-on-the-ground employees that are cheated.

While the company executives keep getting richer and richer. They take taxpayer money to pay the little people in their company.

It's disgusting, and it needs to stop.