There are still secret Epstein files, and the FBI doesn't want you to see them

By Jen Krausz on
 August 3, 2023

It turns out there are still FBI files on Jeffrey Epstein and ostensibly, his associates, that haven't been released to the public years after his death, and if the FBI and DOJ have anything to say about it, they're going to remain secret for now.

Maureen Comey, lead prosecutor against Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell, filed a request in court last week that the records remain sealed because Maxwell's trial is still on appeal and may need to be entirely relitigated.

Radar Online sued in 2017 to get access to the files, but so far, most of them remain secret.

Comey argued that releasing them now could give Maxwell's defense team earlier access than it would get under the legal discovery process.

But let's be real: there are very important people -- former presidents even -- who might not want that information to come out.

Comey isn't the only one who wants to see it kept under wraps for as long as possible.