The Supreme Court Is Actually Working Exactly Like It Should

 June 30, 2023

America's liberal left, especially those bozos at the top of our federal government, have been screaming for quite some time now that the U.S. Supreme Court is broken.

The Supreme Court is not broken. That's just how liberals define anything that doesn't blindly agree with them all the time.

The high court has been utilizing common sense in its rulings lately, something that has really pissed off people like Joe Biden and Michelle Obama.

Don't let Democrats try to bully you into thinking that the current court is some sort of conservative monster.

Of all of the decisions that the present group of judges has made together, about half of them have been unanimous decisions.

The idea that the Supreme Court is being dominated by conservatives right now is simply ridiculous.

I probably didn't even need to know the facts to be able to tell that liberals were lying about this issue.

We knew they were lying as soon as their lips started moving.