The Longer Biden Waits For 2024 Announcement, The Less Support He Has

 February 23, 2023

President Joe Biden is not in a good spot right now.

Americans don't trust him, even the ones who voted for him. Even the people in Biden's own party don't appear particularly enthusiastic to continue supporting him in 2024, especially if he keeps declining to announce his intentions.

Eventually, Democrats are going to start to question what plans, if any, Biden has for 2024.

If he IS planning to run, then it would probably take months and months of work just to undo the damage to Joe's own reputation that he has caused since taking office. They need to get started soon if the president is going to make another run in 2024.

Each day that Joe Biden waits to declare for 2024 results in a few less liberals being willing to hop back on board when (if) he does declare.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates continues to say that Joe thinks he is going to run but is declining to make a final decision, noting:

The president has publicly told the country that he intends to run and has not made a final decision.

Joe had better make one soon, or the rest of the country is going to make it for him.