The List Of Trump Endorsements Just Grew Longer

 February 24, 2023

State Treasurer of West Virginia, Riley Moore, has spoken out in his support for former President Donald Trump's 2024 presidential run.

Moore, a national leader against the leftist ESG movement, officially endorsed the former president.

"Joe Biden is failing West Virginians and attacking our very way of life with radical left-wing policies that are out of touch with our values," Moore said. "We need a strong President to get us back on the right track. That’s why I am proud to endorse Donald Trump for president."

Moore is also running for Congress in West Virginia.

Moore's explanation of his endorsement is that Trump "fought to bring American manufacturing back from China" and also "defended our jobs and American energy dominance when liberal activists tried to shut down the fossil fuel industry."

"As West Virginia’s state treasurer, Moore has been leading the charge against the financial institutions boycotting the fossil fuel industry, one of the main components of the ESG standards — otherwise known as environmental, social, and governance standards. This led Moore to blacklist BlackRock, the world’s largest asset managers, and other financial institutions that push the standards," reports Breitbart.

"I know President Trump can get America back on the right track because he’s done it before. He has my full support and I look forward to electing a President that once again puts America First," Moore continued.

Source: Breitbart